3 Nisan 2012 Salı

EFN Company Strategy

Vision: Our vision is to make Turkey world's cleanest country.

Mission: .Our mission is to reduce pollution and save liquit-fuel by establishing our system over 20 cities in 10 years.


1-) Clearing the bins at the streets off.
2-) Reducing the environmental pollution.
3-) Solving the traffic problem by removing the garbage trucks.
4-) Reducing the bad smell at the cities.
5-) Helping the recycling companies.


1-) Establish our system to 20 cities in 10 years.
2-) Remove all garbage trucks in 15 years.
3-) Reducing the air pollution by %65 till 2023.
4-) Making people aware of  importance of the Nature immediately.
5-) To be known by other countries by the en of 2030s.

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