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     The word “ergonomonics” is created by gathering  two words in Greek. One of them is “ergon” that means “work” and the other is “namos” means “principle, law”. We can call it atapting the physical  environment to people.
     After  the indutrial revolution,  first profit and manufacturing  were more important then quality finally worker’s healt and security  got the importance.  After the second half of the 18. Century Taylor investigated about how workers would work more efficiently that is how ergonomics came out.
     The emergence of the ergonomics effected our casual life. For example  grip of an screwdriver was smaller, it was hard to handle it but now its bigger to make workers handle it easly. Also car’s seats and desks were set healthy. The machines we are using in our companies are imported that is why they are not ergonomic for our workers.  For example the machines using in Bosch are imported from Germany and valid for DIN 33402 standarts and that creates trouble for Turkish workers.
     Body structures of workers working in a company are different that is why tools mustn’t be standard. As an example for ergonomics in companies is adapting elevators for the tallest worker and setting elevator buttons for the smallest one. The tool workers using mostly must be near the workers. While workers are working, their arms must be under heart line not to slow the blood pumping. If workers are working by looking at a monitor, monitor should not be far or near to save neck and eyes health. Reaching distance of a worker should not be far away.  Working alternate is the most suitable way to work, workers must sit and stand sometimes that makes workers body system function well.
     Checking of the ergonomics must be done at least two years. There must be improvements for working conditions with the observations and the worker’s requests. Workers must be aware of their works. Bosch is a good example for this.  The Blue Cards and the White Cards created by Bosch makes workers conscious. Blue Cards determine the location of machines and the working style. White Cards determine the purview standards.
     Ergonomic tools and working areas both save the worker’s health and make the manufacturing more efficient.

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